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Some of Sookie's negative traits include her naivety and gullibility.

These traits are partly due to her quiet, sheltered life in a small town combined with her trusting disposition. Sookie has a natural (and deadly) appreciation and curiosity of the supernatural world and all the creatures in it, primarily because she cannot hear their thoughts and feels at peace with them.

She was born with telepathic powers and as a result of being an odd child because of them, she was put under many psychological tests.

She is a human/fairy hybrid from Bon Temps, Louisiana. She works as a waitress for Sam Merlotte at his restaurant Merlotte's and was involved with Eric Northman.

In the end she ends up married to Sam Merlotte and the two have four children.

Sookie has worked at Merlotte's Bar for a little over five years.

She lived a quiet life until Bill Compton, a Civil War veteran/vampire, strolled into Merlotte's.

However this wall takes a lot of concentration so she can usually only focus on one other thing at a time (e.g. Sookie can only hear what someone is thinking at the moment she "listens in" and so cannot per se find out where a serial killer has buried a body unless he/she is thinking of it at the exact moment she reads their mind.