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“What is microcheating and are you a little bit guilty of it? “Micro-cheating: The small actions that some say is as bad as full betrayal,” warns. Kittenfishing (similar to the deception of catfishing but using an old dating profile or some other form of misrepresentation). It’s the newest infidelity trend to mess up your relationship,” Bustle tells us. It’s a distraction from the headache of complicated issues involved in figuring out intensely personal and widely variant emotional boundaries with a significant other. Ghosting (one person disappears from a casual dating relationship).If you get a chance to watch the show, watch it because it was a blast.

Cinderfellas (middle-aged men who want instant life-validation fireworks in a relationship). Half-night-stands (you have sex but don’t stay over). Why are there going to be about a thousand more of these terms introduced into the lexicon while this article and others decrying this nonsense can do nothing about it?

Cushioning (creating several potential future relationships by flirting with others in case your current relationship fails). Tuning (flattering and playing up to exactly what a girl likes). Here’s a trend that is very real, though: Bullshitting. Because we are all so desperate (myself included) to impose any kind of structure onto the messy chaotic utter black pit of despair that often lies within the realm of love, dating, and relationships.

Too bad it wasn't a movie because it was just brilliant.

It's just me being of fan of Amy Jo Johnson and her work. But on to the show, I like how the show wasn't just about one or two stars it was more then that.

R-bombing (someone has their “read” receipts on and doesn’t reply). Cuffing season (settling down with someone for the cold months) and clearing season (the desperate days toward the end of cuffing season). Haunting (disappearing but then still watching Snapchats). As long as media exists (and media manipulation exists), bullshit dating buzzwords will spread like the opiate of the masses they are.


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