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In a recent survey, 74% of women admitted they’d use stealth questioning to ascertain a man’s relationship status.

Look out for questions about your holiday plans, where you live, or what you’re doing later. 88% of women surveyed revealed they will check for a ring within the first 30 seconds of meeting a new man.

When she loves how you look, she’ll become more aware of her own hair, face and clothes.

She will surreptitiously glance in a mirror, or smooth her hair with her hand, or start straightening and smoothing her dress.

At the beginning, an interested woman will ask your advice on anything.

When she’s snagged you, she’ll disregard everything you say, so enjoy it while you can.

A gentle hand on your arm, a pat on your knee, a casual brushing off of dust from your lapel – she’s either your mother, or she’s wild about you and trying to let you know.


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