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A descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, who, after repeatedly losing games of Waterloo-O to Crispin in his former job as an orderly, went insane and was possessed by the angry genetic memory of his ancestor, who forced him to become a great tactician (ironically in a mental game of Waterloo-O).

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He's Gloria's inner critic, amplified by her bipolar mood swings.

He believes that the theatre should be shut down so the Phantom of the Theatre will stop attacking and killing people.

As a result, he didn't have it in him to complete the state semi-finals.

At some point, he was inducted into Thorney Towers for his obsession with painting and bulls. Loboto's assistant - not willingly, as she despises what he's doing and yet has to help him, as not only is she terrified of him, he's holding her pet turtle Mr.

Later organizes a deal with Mikhail, where Mikhail gets to beat up anyone who tries to pick on Maloof and, as a result, Maloof doesn't get picked on. overheard their conversation from a nearby bush and broke it off with Elka to hang out with Chops again.


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