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Matthew (not surprisingly) and Paul both wished to split up and we generally felt there was more chance either alone or in pairs since it was impossible to move around silently in larger numbers.

On the other hand, James was a newcomer and was clearly becoming increasingly nervous, not only of the game but its probable outcome!

It was decided that 4 boys - 2 from each patrol - would be evaders leaving the other 9 to hunt them out (we never considered it particularly important to have balanced numbers in opposing teams since we considered that success by stealth and wiliness was more important than brute force).

Each member of the defending team would carry two lengths of rope and a couple of cloths which could be used either to supplement the rope or as gags for their prisoners and we were all dressed the same, in shorts and tee shirts in view of the Mediterranean summer heat.

In addition to the weekly troop meeting patrols often held their own meetings either on their own or jointly with another patrol at weekends, sometimes camping together in the woods.